League Fee Changes Coming Summer 2023

Posted at Apr 13 2023 12:00 PM by Liz Anderson

Cincinnati Ultimate
League Fee Increase Announcement
Revised 2023-04-12

Cincinnati Ultimate League Fee Changes Coming Summer 2023

Spring is always an exciting time of year with the warmer weather and the longer days as ultimate activities in the area continue to ramp back up. We are looking forward to another full slate of Cincinnati Ultimate leagues and tournaments this year, and we hope that you are as well. In conjunction with the announcement for summer league registration opening up, we wanted to provide some context around league fee changes happening this year.

As an organization, one of our objectives for our five-year strategic plan is to achieve a balanced operating budget. We have been able to absorb increased operating expenses in the last few years in large part because of our ability to host world-class events that generate additional revenue (thanks to all of our amazing volunteers!). However, this business model is not sustainable in the long term if we intend to support a staff of employees to ensure that we are providing the highest quality product for our community. We have already seen the advancements that our Director of Operations (Liz Anderson) has allowed us to achieve in only three years, and we hope to expand on that in the future. In order to do so, we evaluated our budget and identified the need to reassess our league fee structure.

Beginning with registrations for 2023 summer leagues, you will notice an increase in league fees from prior years. The specific amounts are relative to the various seasons / leagues based on field costs, number of weeks, etc., but in general, the increase ranges from $10-$20. We still believe that the cost for our leagues is a great value considering everything that comes with registration and compared to the costs of other sports leagues in the area. That being said, we will continue to develop our tiered pricing structure for each league, allowing players to pay a lower cost if needed. We will be adding an optional higher cost above the standard rate as well for anyone that has the ability to aid in subsidizing the lower-cost registrations. All of these details and specific price points will be outlined on each league registration page.

We know that change can create challenges and we certainly understand the difficulties of increasing costs of living in our world today. We will continue to do everything we can to support our players and our community to reduce barriers to entry wherever we can. In return, we appreciate your understanding and ongoing support of Cincinnati Ultimate’s mission. If you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to reach out to Ryan Gorman (rgorman@cincinnatiultimate.org) and/or Liz Anderson (landerson@cincinnatiultimate.org) and we’ll be happy to help. Can’t wait to see you all back out on the ultimate field soon enough!

Ryan Gorman
President, Board of Directors