Cincinnati Ultimate Committees

Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Committee


Chair: Izzi Bikun, Secretary: Izzi Bikun

The Diversity, Equity & Inclusion Committee (DEI) was formed to acknowledge our efforts to address race, gender, sexual orientation, and socioeconomic status, and the intersections of these identities, in order to provide equitable opportunities and experiences for everyone in our area. 

Members: Izzi Bikun, Liz Anderson, Zach Kaylor, Mary Timmons, Matthew Argalas, Chelsea Partusch

Event Sanctioning Committee

Chair: Ryan Gorman, Secretary: Liz Anderson

Committe oversees Cincinnati Ultimate events and sanctioning process. Currently includes Youth Committee activities as well. More coming soon...

Members: William Cilley, Liz Keuffer, Peter Tran, Thomas Brewster, Ian Stevens

Finance Committee

Chair: Tom Phillips, Secretary: Ryan Gorman

Oversees the budgeting and accounting process for Cincinnati Ultimate. More coming soon...

Members: Liz Keuffer, Peter Tran

Club Team Committee


Chair: Ryan Gorman, Secretary: Liz Anderson

Club Team Committee Charter

The Club Team Committee supports the development, sustainability, celebration, and collaboration of club teams in the area at the youth, college, and club levels.

  • Development: Providing new teams with resources to successfully start up.

  • Sustainability: Helping to ensure that teams can continue to thrive at each level.

  • Celebration: Using our platform to promote and express our pride in our local club teams.

    • Youth All-Star Game (Spring)

    • Crosstown Showdown (Spring)

    • Club All-Star Game (Fall)

  • Collaboration: Networking between area teams to improve efficiencies.

    • Club Mixer (Spring)

    • Club Pick-Up (Fall)

Members: Brittany Winner, Mary Timmons, Ryan Gorman, Thomas Brewster, Liz Anderson, Camilo Barrera, GA Wettengel, Michael Ames

Dayton Committee


Chair: Thomas Brewster, Secretary: Liz Anderson

The Dayton Committee is responsible for running and executing leagues and other ultimate activities in the Dayton area. 

Main functions: 

  • Recreation: Provide year-round ultimate leagues or other activities for Dayton area residents.

  • Development: Support all Dayton Ultimate players and be committed to their growth as players.

  • Sustainability: Create a structure within Cincinnati Ultimate (this committee) so that Dayton ultimate activities can continue for years to come.

Members: Thomas Brewster, Avery Moeller, Benny Rider